Attend a Meeting
Rockport Rotary meets every Thursday.
The first Thursday of each month our meeting takes place at 5:30pm at:
183 Main Street
Rockport, MA 01966
For the remaining weeks, our meetings  our at noon at:
One Cathedral Avenue
Rockport, MA  01966
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Our mailing address is:
Rockport Rotary Club
P.O. Box 54
Rockport, MA 01966
Email us at:


Rotary International expects each club to abide by the attendance rules. They are:
Any member who is absent from four consecutive meetings shall automatically cease to be a member of the club unless he/she shall have been in attendance at a meeting of another Rotary club within a period of thirteen days prior or thirteen days subsequent to the meeting of his/her club, or unless excused for good sufficient reason by the Board of Directors.
Any member whose attendance averages shall be less than 50% for any period of six months, unless otherwise excused by the Board of Directors, shall cease to be a member.

Special Provisions

Any member who, because of protracted ill health or impairment, is physically unable to comply with the rules of attendance, may, during the period of its continuance, upon application to the Board of Directors, be excused from complying with the attendance requirements and the absence shall not be computed in the attendance record of the club.
A member’s absence shall be excused if the aggregate of the member’s age and years of membership in one or more clubs is 85 years or more and the member has notified the club secretary in writing of the member’s desire to be excused from attendance and the Board has approved.
The secretary has a complete directory of the Rotary Clubs of the world, together with their meeting places.


  1. The Rockport Rotary Club, being a member of Rotary International, abides in full with Rotary International’s rules regarding attendance at Club meetings. 
  2. Whereas the Rockport Rotary Club acknowledges that members at times have extenuating reasons why they cannot maintain Rotary International’s rules for attendance, and 
  3. Whereas Rockport Rotary Club acknowledges that being a member of the Rockport Rotary Club has opportunities for service by members to the community, and 
  4. Whereas Rotary International empowers the club’s Board of Directors to excuse members for good reason for not maintaining required attendance from time to time;

    Now therefore: 
  5. The Rockport Rotary Club may excuse members then in good standing, for good sufficient reason in its discretion, to maintain a lesser attendance than required by the rules, for temporary periods, if that member, by written request to the Board of Directors through the Club Secretary, asks permission to be excused from the Club’s attendance requirements.
  6. The Club Secretary will maintain Attendance Records as per Rotary International Guidelines.
  7. The Club Secretary will send letters to any member not maintaining appropriate attendance percentages, advising him/her that he/she will “self terminate” according to Rotary International rules if his/her attendance is not brought up to Rules of Rotary International, unless he/she submits a letter to the Board of Directors encompassing reasons that are acceptable to the Board of Directors.
  8. The Board of Directors may vote to terminate any member’s membership in the Club for attendance reasons and thereafter instruct the Club Secretary to so notify the member accordingly as a Board decision.

Rotary Attendance Is Important to Us

Remember to check in with the person taking
attendance at the door every Thursday.

Good Attendance is easier then you may think! Here are some suggestions on how to make up a missed meeting.
NEW-Attend a Rotary meeting online at www.
Plan ahead-If you know you’ll be missing a Thursday meeting, you have 13 days before and 13 days after that date to make it up.
Easy makeups-in our area include:
  • Tuesday 12:15 pm, Gloucester, Elk’s Lodge
  • Wednesday 7:15 am, Manchester-Essex, American legion Hall in Manchester
  • Friday 7:15 am, Hamilton-Wenham, Hamilton Community House
Visit Rotary clubs when you travel. See the secretary for information or go to and click on "club locator" near the top of the page. If you show up for a scheduled meeting, and the club is for some reason not meeting, you will still get credit for attending.

a Board of Directors Meeting.
Participate in a Club sponsored activity.

an Early Act, Interact or Rotoract meeting.
Attend a Rotary International Convention, District Assembly, District Conference or Leadership Conference.
Be sure to let the Secretary know about your makeup!